Y-3 Describe the Campaign as ‘poetry meets punk’. The campaign shot by Alessio Bolzoni and styled by Mauricio Nardi. It is set in a very industrial looking area in New York. The clean lines contrast with the energetic movement of the models and the predominantly monochrome colours make the pops of red in the otherwise black and white collection stand out even more. The entire campaign is, though not necessarily colourful, very bright and by no means grungy. It seems like a clean modern approach to punk.

Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Campaign_Image_01_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_01_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_02_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_03_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_04_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_05_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_06_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_07_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_09_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_10_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_11_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_12_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_13_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_14_crop Y-3_SS18_Chapter_01_Image_16_crop

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